3 Photos You Can’t Forget to Take at Your Senior Photography Session & How to Plan for Them


February 17, 2022

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Planning our senior photography session can be a crazy mix of stressful and so much fun! I’m here to give you all the tips and support so we err on the side of tons of fun without the stress. Today we are talking about three essential photos you must get at your senior session. Knowing and planning for these can help you appropriately prepare with the right outfits, hair, and makeup.

Minnesota high school senior headshot of girl in blue dress | Amber Langerud Photography

The Senior Photography Classic Headshot

Even if your school does old school yearbook photos and you don’t get to use a cool one from your senior session, this is still an important photo to have. It might make a good profile photo for your email or LinkedIn account as you start the job search and/or the photo you print out and share with grandma. Either way, it’s a versatile and important image to take.

How to Bring this Photo to Life

Outfit: This is a great time for a classic, simple top that compliments your skin tone and eye

Hair: Somewhere between an average day out and about to ‘go out’ hair

Makeup: Clean makeup that is slightly darker/bolder than your every day (since the camera tends to wash out your makeup)

Location: Simple background, maybe some greenery or a brick wall, anything that is not too flashy so it won’t take away from the main event of this photo, you!!

The Full Body Environmental Senior Portrait

You picked out the perfect outfit and a cool location to take your senior pictures, but if all we do is tight headshots we’ll never get to show this off! We’ll want to make sure to set you up in a killer pose and back wayyyyyy up to take in the entire scene.

How to Bring this Photo to Life

Outfit: Pick something that you feel amazing in from head to toe and compliments the location. Otherwise, there really is no wrong answer here!

Hair: Whatever feels like the right fit for your outfit, don’t worry about overthinking it!

Makeup: Something bolder than your normal everyday look

Location: The beautiful locations you picked out for your session. It can be trees, rolling hills, a lake, downtown, there is no wrong answer as long as it is beautiful with great lighting! If you come out to the farm, I will help you decide which outfits will look best in each location.

High School Senior Portrait Wearing a Red Dress next to Logs | Amber Langerud Photography

The Edgy Senior Portrait

So we’ve played it safe, took advantage of the location and awesome outfits you picked out, and now it’s time to go bold. This is something you won’t regret. It’s fun to push the boundaries (and our comfort zones) a little at your senior session. After all, when else do you have the opportunity to do this!

Now what is edgy will mean something different to everyone. Feel free to own your style. That can mean anything from bringing your prom dress to a leather jacket or just being extra creative in posing (such as arms over your head or laying in the grass). At your session, I will follow your lead on what this means to you.

How to Bring this Photo to Life

Outfit: Do not be afraid to push the edges of your comfort zone here. The number one rule is the outfit has to make you feel AMAZING!

Hair: Something fun, something simple, something up, something down, they’re all good options depending on the vibe.

Makeup: Something bolder than your normal everyday look.

Location: Location can be a part of this photo or not. The most important part is that it has great light so that you look great, maybe even glow.

Minnesota High School Senior Portrait of a girl in a field of flowers | Amber Langerud

Final Thoughts on These Senior Portraits

There you have it. The three essential photos to take at your senior session. Now start brainstorming outfits and styling to make them happen. And if you haven’t already, be sure to get on the schedule of your favorite photographer!

High School Senior Photo at Sunset in front of a Lake in a Dress | Amber Langerud Photography

Learn more about the Amber Langerud Photography High School Senior Photography Experience on the seniors page and don’t be afraid to reach out with any questions.

Amber Langerud Photography Seniors also get access to the senior portal, makeup guide, and style guide upon booking to provide the ultimate inspiration to help you get the most out of your senior session!

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