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Where photo strategy, great posing and fun collide, so that you get the images of your dreams that were fun to take too!

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you deserve Photos of yourself that you'll love

My number one priority every time you step in front of my lens is to help you look and feel your best.

Then, once you are looking great through all the little posing tricks like dropping a shoulder and using our angles, we sprinkle in your unique personality every chance we get!

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- Katie McConkey

"Amber did a great job making me feel comfortable in front of the camera! She is so kind, and my session with her was so much fun!! I love how the pictures turned out. "

- Sarah Pilon

"The photos from my session captured ME! Not only did they show what I do and what my business is, but me as a business owner. Now I have incredible, professional photos instead of mainly selfies taken from my phone. "

- Matthew Tobkin

"Amber is wonderful to work with! Prompt and detailed communication, flexible, and very energetic, creative photographer. She makes everything very easy and a lot of fun. We have really enjoyed working with Amber."

love notes from past clients

Body language, if you tell me you are quiet and love to spend your spare time reading a book, I will photograph you very differently than someone who says they're the life of the party.

Location, its about more than just what is in the background, but what does the background say, is bright or muted or soft? Is the light bold or gentle?

Facial expressions, are you super expressive, we'll pull that out, do you have an amazing relaxed face, we'll emphasize that. 

But Wait, how?

A hybrid questionnaire model helps make sure you look like the real you in your photos, not just any model in a field of flowers.

You are unique, your photos should be too

It's time to stop thinking about just the fancy camera and editing style when booking a photographer and instead digging into their photography approach. Through years of trial and error I have developed a simple yet thorough system to get to know my clients. You are not just an opportunity to take pretty pictures when working with me, you are a person to get to know and capture.

photos that go beyond a fancy camera and pretty presets

Ok, I won't lie. The first 10-15 minutes will probably still be a little awkward. But you will quickly find out that when standing in front of my camera you never have to worry about what to do with your hands or if the camera is attempting that 'add 10 pounds' thing. Your abs will likely be a tad bit sore by the end, but my proven posing system starts with your toes and ends with your fingertips to make sure you truly look your best.

What if photos were fun and only fun?

Skip the awkward

Yes - take a sigh of relief. We can pose everything, down to your fingertips AND still have soft, natural looking images. But how? It feels counterintuitive. I would say its magic...but its all about owning the pose you are in and picking poses that feel natural to your personality type. And the best part is I am here to guide you through that process.

Well posed Doesn't mean Stiff

You're not a robot

Are you reading this thinking, YES, this is the exact photo experience I am looking for? I want photos that help me stand out because I look great and they feel just like me! Drop a note on my contact form and come one step closer to the photos of your dreams.



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I have LOVED taking photos from a very young age but have often felt self-conscious and awkward on the other side. This love for photography crossed with the unease of being photographed is how my mission was born. Never let anyone feel like that in front of my camera. In 2012 I started studying posing and body language and never looked back. I cannot wait to show you how empowering a photo session can be!

I Hate being photographed.
just like you.


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it all started with my camera.

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