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that elevate your online presence and help you connect With your ideal client

The exclusive, strategy based, brand photography experience to help improve your confidence AND consumer confidence in your brand.

Join me in unlocking the secret to creating photos that help bring your business to life for your clients.

Get photos you are confident in and proud to use for your business because of the planning process AND proven posing and personality infusing techniques. So that you no longer are at a loss when you need to submit images for a publication, use on your website or post on social media.

confidence in the process and how you look

How it works:


We start with a hybrid questionnaire and phone call planning process. We will focus in on your specific business needs, your ideal client, brand style and where you plan to use the images.


We meet at the agreed upon location and start photographing. Since we have done so much planning in advance, the session will be stress free and fun!


Your images will be delivered as high resolution jpg files that make it easy for you to start using them immediately on your website, social media and other marketing materials!

You work Hard, Your images should too!

Hey, I know you are working hard, making all the things work in your business, including photos. But how can you be IN photos you take? Maybe you have even hired a photographer to take headshots at some point but need something a little more. You need photos that dig deeper, that show the heart and personality of your business. You need photos that help you connect with your ideal client!

There is nothing worse than having a great offer and subpar images to put with those offers.

Strategy based for success!

Using this process, nothing is done by accident! By starting with planning questions that dig deep into your why and talking on the phone to make sure nothing is missed in translation or lost in an email. Together we create a plan for your session. Chances are your current images are missing that 'special sauce'. Our strategy based plan helps us create a library of images you will be proud to use on your website and in other marketing materials!

What makes this different

"Amber captures absolutely incredible photos!"

"Amber took extreme care in capturing just what I hoped for and then some! Her photos and editing are gorgeous and I love her light, outdoor style. Her passion for photography shows, which is just a cherry on top! I'd recommend her to anyone looking for beautiful photos at a great value with a side of intentional service."

— Stephanie, Podcaster

"My business has never looked so professional!"

"I love that my images feel like me! They represent my personality and my business perfectly. Now I have so many options to pick from and they all fit my brand, which is just what I wanted! "

— Alecs, Photographer

"My favorite part of the planning process was the phone conversation I had with Amber!"

"The planning call really made me think deeper into my brand and what my company was all about. It made me love my career even more!"

— Maggie, Esthetician

Thinking this sounds GREAT, but don't have a great space for photos....

You are always welcome to have your session take place in my home studio, saving you location fees and the hassle of prepping your own space for images.

That sounds great. But you are probably thinking you want images that feel relatable, not 'stuffy studio'. Not to worry, the space is completely customizable with various office props and chairs and backgrounds to create the perfect look for you!

Not to worry! I have you covered.

We met for my session at Amber's beautiful studio space that has everything from a traditional solid backdrop, to couches and chairs that feel more like a coffee shop. It is truly the perfect space for branding photography!"

— Alecs, Photographer


The brand photography planning process with Amber (signature hybrid questionnaire and planning call method)

Up to 2 hours of session time

Full gallery of digital images with print & business use release

Access to the Amber Langerud Photography studio space and props


Branding Session


*Headshots starting at $150.
**Smaller and larger packages also available.

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Are you reading this thinking, YES, this is the exact photo experience I am looking for? I want photos that help me stand out because I look great and that represent my business well! Drop a note on my contact form and come one step closer to the photos of your dreams.

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