Enter my proven process of combining all the little secrets to looking great (dropping the shoulder closest to the camera, kicking your hips back and creating triangles to name a few) with your unique personality and style. Great posing doesn't mean stiff or generic when working with Amber.

I am here to help you get pictures of yourself that you actually like because no one needs another stiff, awkward portrait. You deserve better than average, awkward pictures. You deserve images that you feel confident about and feel like the REAL you!

You are beautifl. I know it.

I'm Amber and I help high school seniors and brands get photos of themselves that they Actually Love!

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But we do it anyways because the memories are worth it. Prior to Ellie entering our lives we would get anniversary photos taken every few years and now we try to take annual family photos. In the moment it is always stressful, what to wear, I should lose ten pounds first.....but I am grateful for every one of those sessions and the moments it captured now looking back.


Ok - I know its a little cheesy, but I have often referred to as my horses as my kids. Do you have animals in your life that mean the world you to you? Don't worry, I totally understand. My current three horses have been in my life for longer than I have known my husband (we met in 2010). I cannot imagine life without them.

my horses were my first 'children'

I didn't always know I wanted to be a mom like many others experience. In fact, I was quite skeptical. Turns out, pregnancy was one of the most joyful (and horrible, morning sickness anyone!??) times but had nothing on actually being a mom. If you are out there suffering with loss or infertility, just know I see you too. Or if you don't want children, you are equally as wonderful. 

being a mom was the best decision ever

I'm just a small town girl in a big world, chasing those dreams and trying to make a positive impact. I genuinely cannot believe I get to photograph some of the best people in our area. My clients are beautiful souls who are just like me, chasing those dreams!


Do you have something that just always puts you in a good mood? For me its sunshine. I call it my 'solar powered personality'. The more sunshine, the more joy and happiness and inspiration. Give me a good sunset, a camera and YOU and the possibilities are endless. 

sunshine is my fav. Sunny sessions or sunny weekends, they're all good!






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What if I told you this isn't your fault? (And that the camera can actually subtract 10 pounds and not just add it.) The camera sees the world a little differently than our eyes do and I know all the secrets to make sure you are shown in your best light. You may even learn some tips at your session to improve your next selfie. 

Have you ever thought of yourself as not photogenic? Something like - 'Oh Amber, I'm just not one of those people who looks good in pictures'?

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