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February 22, 2022

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Photographer, wife, mom, horse lover and farm girl. My number one priority when photographing you is helping you look your best and feel comfortable in front of the camera. 
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Miriah came out to the farm for her brand photography session. She wanted something that would feel very relatable to her clients so instead of doing something in the studio or in an office setting, we went outside and captured the beauty of summertime, just like she would for her clients.

Using Stories in Your Brand Photography Session

I have followed Miriah on social media for a while as she is a photographer from my hometown of Hawley, MN so it was such a joy to actually get to chat on the phone about all the details of her business and then finally meet in person for the session!

One of my favorite parts of my job as a photographer is the people I get to meet and hear their stories and what makes them unique. The fun part about branding photography is the stories become such a big part of the session since those stories then help my clients connect with their clients. Keep reading to hear about a few of the storylines we used in Miriah’s session.

Wedding Photographer Holding Vintage Camera Branding Photography | Amber Langerud Photography

How it Started Brand Photography Storyline

One of those stories that came to life in Miriah’s session had to do with this beautiful film camera. This camera is a precious family heirloom from a family member who encouraged her to pick up photography.

Wedding Photographer Twirling in Floral Dress Headshot | Amber Langerud Photography

Capturing Moments Brand Photography Storyline

And here, we captured that free spirit and fun personality. Miriah loves to capture ‘moments’ with her couples by using fun prompts, rather than just the stiff, posed stuff. What better way to bring that story to life than twirling in some tall grass.

Woman Holding Mug Wearing Green Romper | Amber Langerud Photography

Branding Portraits Don’t Have to Feel ‘Stuffy’

Let Miriah be an example to not be afraid to tell your photographer what you want. While branding portraits often take place indoors, in a studio, styled office space, or styled home, that just didn’t fit Miriah or her brand. It didn’t make sense for her to have a bunch of photos sitting at a desk, even though editing is a part of her job as a photographer, it was not the piece we were highlighting at this session. Instead, we were showing off her personality and love for working outdoors with her clients.

Family walking and smiling towards the camera | Amber Langerud Photography

Family Means Everything

Family is also a very important part of Miriah’s life. We were able to take a piece of her session and capture her with her family. And as a bonus, these images doubled as great photos for Christmas cards. It is ok to think outside the box on how you will use the images from your brand photography session.

Branding Photography headshot of Miriah Sannes holding camera | Amber Langerud Photography

Now let’s flip the mic and hear from Miriah about her thoughts on the branding photography experience!

What was your favorite part about planning the branding session?

I really enjoyed the phone call with Amber prior to our session. We brainstormed together about what exactly I was looking for. Amber’s questions made me think about things I hadn’t ever considered for myself, and I appreciated that.

Wedding Photographer Headshot Smiling at Camera | Amber Langerud Photography

What is your favorite part of your new brand photos?

I love how Amber incorporated items that are sentimental to me, as well as how she captured my genuine smile.

Headshot of Wedding Photographer in Green Romper | Amber Langerud Photography

How have these brand photos impacted your business?

I’ve used my branding images for my social media, for my website, and everything in between! The images that Amber captured have helped me proudly show clients who I am, and who they are trusting.

Wedding Photographer holding camera bag and camera headshot | Amber Langerud Photography

Did we successfully accomplish your brand photography visual/photo goals? What was your favorite part about working together?

Yes! I’m so happy with my images, and my favorite part of the process was just laughing with Amber! We had so much fun together 🙂

Minnesota Wedding Photographer Brand Photography Headshots | Amber Langerud Photography

Overall what do you have to say about the branding photography experience?

Amber has the ability to capture your genuine self, as well capturing a reflection of your business and what you want to portray to clients. Trusting Amber with my branding photos was not only a wonderful experience, I acquired an amazing product that has given me the ability to use my photos with confidence.

Minnesota Mom Photographer and Her Daughters in B&W | Amber Langerud Photography

You can find Miriah at the links below!




You can learn more about the branding photography process and book your own session on the Business Branding Photography page here. Get in touch over on the contact page to chat next steps.

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