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April 5, 2022

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Meet Amber

It was a joy to work with Stephanie on her podcaster brand photography session for Lovelight Stories. Lovelight Stories is a (soon to be) podcast to tell stories and foster humanity.

Showing Joy and Emotion

Stephanie is one of those people that lights up any space she walks into. She knows just how to bring the best out of everyone. One of my goals for the session was to make sure Stephanie’s genuine joy showed through and made her feel like an old friend you are sitting down to have a conversation with.

Podcaster headshot, outside in a natural environment

Location for Stephanie’s Podcaster Brand Photography Session

We started the session outside in our hybrid studio/outdoor session. Stephanie’s brand is very bright and encouraging. We strategically used the sunset glow to create a welcoming and happy mood in the images.

podcaster brand photography session

Including Special People

Stephanie included a few special people in her session. One of those special people is her brother Jessie. Jesse has Down Syndrome and is a big part of Stephanie’s story and how she got into advocacy.

podcaster brand photography photo with her husband outside

The second special person Stephanie included in her session is her husband. Her husband is very supportive of her work and we wanted to show off their relationship. PLUS, these photos could also double as an awesome Christmas card/anniversary photo. Never be afraid to make your photos multipurpose.

podcaster brand photography session, sitting on white grey couch

The Brand Photography Studio Look

Our goal for the studio portion of the session was to create a bright, clean look that would look good with Stephanie’s branding and compliment her website. This meant lots of white space and lots of horizontal images to fit in banner areas on the site. The white space also helps accommodate any need for text overlays.

podcaster brand photography flat lays

Details to Accent

The last part of the session included a series of flat lays. These flat lay images were designed to bring to attention things that are important to Stephanie’s brand and fill in gaps on her website, blog, newsletter, and social media. These photos were a joy to bring to life.

podcaster brand photography image of her hand writing notes

Including Important Passions in the Brand Photography Session

Throughout the different outfits and settings, we sprinkled in additional details important to Stephanie’s brand. This included things like handwritten notes, coffee, books, her bible, and notebooks.

Now let’s flip the mic and hear from Stephanie and what she thought of the brand photography process.

What was your favorite part about planning the branding session?

Planning the brand photoshoot pushed me to think about some of the brand details sooner than I planned, and it proved helpful to do so! I had initially planned to go through a brand design process before doing photos, but because of timing, I did photos first! It worked out, as it helped me capture some of the brand visually before doing the branding, which then actually guided me a bit during the branding process. I really enjoyed thinking through all the details and using Pinterest as inspiration to help me do so! Receiving the photos back definitely gave me confidence that I was on the right track with my rebrand, and it felt good to visually capture what I’ve been envisioning in my head for a long time!

podcaster brand photography headshot wearing pink

What is your favorite part of your new brand photos?

I love the color and clarity of the photos – they pop! I also think you captured my color aesthetic well with your editing – light and airy, yet with color! You nailed it! I really love the photos with the green background and light coming through to make a glow! Also, love the photos with my brother Jesse. I just think they turned out so perfect and capture his fun-loving personality and our joyous relationship so well!

podcaster brand photography image with her brother

How have these brand photos impacted your business?

I needed these photos! First of all, having done this once will make it so much easier the next time. I didn’t entirely know what to expect or how to plan for a shoot and now I do! I feel more confident in what it takes to plan and shoot. Most importantly, however, these photos will help me convey my brand and messaging to my followers. A good visual brand is vital to communicating well online, and these photos will help me do that!

podcaster drinking coffee and making notes

Did we successfully accomplish your brand photography visual/photo goals? What was your favorite part about working together?

Yes! I was very pleased with the photos when you shared them for the first time! I loved working with Amber, because first, we are long-time friends and it was fun to see her again! I also loved being able to be outside in the country where it’s private and there are lots of beautiful outdoor spaces to use for the session. You are located nearby too. It worked out really well to have everything outside as well (thank you for moving the setup again!).

Overall what do you have to say about the branding photography experience?

Amber captures absolutely incredible photos! She took extreme care in capturing just what I hoped and then some! Her photos and editing are gorgeous and I love her light, outdoor style. Her passion for photography shows, which is just a cherry on top! I’d recommend her to anyone looking for beautiful photos at a great value with a side of intentional service.

podcaster brand photography headshot laughing off camera

Stephanie has such a beautiful soul and is making a wonderful, positive impact on the world through her social justice work and telling of stories. Right now she is sharing these stories on Instagram and her blog, her podcast will be launching later this year!

Here are some places you can find Stephanie and Lovelight Stories:



Lovelight Stories Instagram:


Here are a few more of my favorites from Stephanie’s podcaster brand photography session:

Curriculum Designer Brand Photography Session Headshots



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