How to Take Self Portraits with the Canon R6


May 5, 2022

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Before we dig into how to take self-portraits with the Canon R6, I just want to say I recommend doing this on a day when you have time to relax into the process. Self-portraits are not a quick, easy process. It’s full of trial and error and taking many bad photos for every good one. I do not say that to discourage you but to help you start the process with the right mindset.

Self Portrait taken with canon R6
One of the keepers from my recent self-portrait session using the Canon R6

Tools to Have Ready for the Self-Portraits

  • Canon R6 (or another camera with wireless capabilities)
  • Your favorite portrait lens (I used the rf 28-70 f/2)
  • Tripod
  • Cell Phone or Tablet
  • Canon Connect App
  • A comfortable space to photograph in
  • A cute outfit that fits your personality

Step 1: Connect Your Camera to the App

And be patient with this step. Usually, it works well, but occasionally I have unexplained troubles and need to reset the settings a few times. The easy connect guide on the app should walk you through the steps. Just make sure to pick wifi rather than Bluetooth if you want to see the live view on your phone.

Here are some screenshots of what the connection process looked like for me.

Step 2: Pick Your Location and Setup the Camera on the Tripod

This will be just like picking a spot for a client or other subject of a photo, but with a little less flexibility. Since you cannot just simply move your body to get a different camera angle you may find you need to be extra intentional about camera placement.

When setting up, I put the camera as close to my best guess. Then stepped into the frame and adjusted as needed. To aid in keeping my camera level, I also turned on the level function on the live view screen.

Step 3: Take Those Self Portraits!

Start shooting and try not to feel discouraged. It is a lot of work to guide, direct AND photograph yourself. I used the app to click the ’shutter button’ in real-time when my hands were out of the frame and used the two-second timer when my hands were in the frame.

QUICK TIP: It is helpful to have a chair or stool just outside of the frame of your photo to set your phone on when using the two-second timer feature.

Step 4: Edit like Normal OR on Your Phone

Since you are already in the canon connect app, it is super easy to download the images you took (or a few of them) to your phone. I opted to download these to my computer for my normal editing process but also often enjoy the benefits of Lightroom mobile!

Step 5: Share

If you follow this tutorial and take some self-portraits, be sure to share and tag me so I can see your beautiful images and cheer you on!

If you want to keep it simple and hire a pro, I would love to work with you on your portrait session. Get in touch on the contact page!

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