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March 22, 2022

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I don’t remember exactly when I first met Alecs, maybe it was at a local photography meet-up or one of the times she second shot a wedding with me. Either way, we quickly became friends. It was such an honor to be able to capture the essence of Alec’s business superpowers at her brand photography session. I love always love doing brand photography sessions for a fellow wedding vendor!

MN Branding Photography of a wedding photographer standing in front of a hand painted purple background | Amber Langerud Photography

Alecs’ session took place at the Amber Langerud Photography studio. We used a mix of props in the studio with some awesome props Alecs brought along. She did an amazing job bringing in pops of her primary brand color, purple, both through props and outfits. The purple background is something I hand-painted specifically for Alecs’ session (but if your brand color is purple too, you are welcome to have us use it at your session too).

Using Branding Photography to Highlight Alecs’ Business Superpowers

One of Alecs’ business superpowers is her ability to build a killer timeline for her couples that reduces stress and maximizes the quality of photographs her clients receive. Although these timelines are made and housed completely digitally, Alecs put together this beautifully designed timeline template to help give a visual to a mostly intangible concept. This is what brand photography sessions are all about. Showcasing what you do best, even if it is an intangible quality!

Branding Photography showing a wedding photographer in work mode | Amber Langerud Photography

Branding Phototography Beyond Headshots, Showing Alecs at Work

Not only did we want to show what Alecs is good at planning for a wedding day, but also what it looks like to have her working a wedding day. For these images, it was important to have Alecs wear something she would wear on a wedding day and style a set in the studio that felt like something you would find in a sitting area of a wedding venue. Two areas of the wedding day we highlighted were styling and photographing details as well as checking a timeline and/or family photo list behind the scenes.

Branding Photography highlighting a wedding photographer packing a camera bag, photo of hands and camera bag

Wedding Vendor Brand Photography Details

As a business owner, it is helpful to not only have photos of your face and you at work, but also the little details. We captured images such as this of Alecs grabbing her camera out of her camera bag as well as some others showcasing her favorite things, such as lighthouses on her desk.

Now let’s hear from Alecs and what she thought of the branding photography session process!

What was your favorite part about planning the branding session?

I loved the phone call planning session! It made me look at my business and brand in a whole new way. I was able to learn a lot and it pushed me to really think about my brand!

Wedding Vendor Brand Photography session, looking at bridal guide

What is your favorite part of your new brand photos?

My favorite part of my new brand photos is the consistency and professionalism the photos give my business. They show my personality and brand, but in an even more professional way! I have a great variety of photos now and I know no matter which one I decide to post or share, it will be exactly what I need and perfect for my brand!

Wedding vendor brand photography photos styling details

How have these brand photos impacted your wedding vendor business?

Having these brand photos will have a very positive impact on my business! They allow me to show my face on my social media and websites so my clients can get to know me better!

wedding vendor brand photographing session, holding camera, wearing camera bag

Did we successfully accomplish your brand photography visual/photo goals? What was your favorite part about working together?

Yes!! I brought plenty of things with me and had no idea what could be used for photos. Amber included all my little details and made sure my photos truly represented me!

Overall what do you have to say about the branding photography experience?

Amber did branding photography for my business and it was more than I could have ever hoped for! She asked questions beforehand to get to know not only my business but my personality as well. We met at her beautiful studio space that has everything from a traditional solid backdrop, to couches and chairs that feel more like a coffee shop. It is truly the perfect space for branding photography! During the session, Amber made me feel very comfortable and confident in front of the camera. Her attention to detail and wiliness to take her time and make adjustments was just what I needed. I felt very at ease and fully trusted her throughout the session! I was blown away again when I received the online gallery with my photos. Amber delivered a great variety of photos that are perfect for my website, promotional material, and social media. My business has never looked so professional! No matter what kind of business you have, I highly recommend Amber Langerud Photography for your branding photos!

Wedding Vendor Brand Photography Session Detail photo of camera and wedding timeline

Alecs is a wonderful human and even better photographer. Adding her to your wedding vendor team is a great choice. She knows just how to be in the right place at the right time and reduce stress for her couples, because no one should have to worry about their photos on their wedding day!

You can find Alecs at the links below (and probably notice her wedding vendor brand photos throughout!):




Here are a few more of my favorites from Alecs’ wedding vendor brand photography session:



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