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March 10, 2022

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There is tons of info for the ladies, but what about the guys?! Check out this senior guy what to wear guide with some dos and don’ts when planning. We’ll go through four steps to picking the perfect outfits for you!

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1. Before starting, pick a color scheme or schemes for your session

Giving the colors you pick for your session a little thought ahead of time can make you (or let’s be real your mom), love your photos even more!

Where will the photos be used?

If these photos will be hung on the wall in a specific room, think about what colors will complement the design styles and aesthetic. Or maybe siblings had a similar style and grandma wants a matching photo? It could also be as simple as picking outfits that will look great on your Instagram feed. There is no wrong answer, but a little preplanning can go a long way.

senior guy photo wearing white shirt with arms crossed

2. Avoid wearing bright neon colors to your session – do this instead

Neon colors very rarely photograph well. Not only does the camera often make them look a little wonky, they can also reflect strange casts onto your skin.

What colors to trade out for your senior session:

  • Instead of Orange go with Rust
  • Instead of Red choose Burgundy
  • Instead of White grab something Cream
  • Instead of Pink wear Mauve
Senior guy wearing blue with blue eyes, what to wear guide, complimenting eye color.

3. Think about your skin tone and eye color

The colors you pick are about more than just style.

Colors to avoid

It is generally best to avoid pinks and reds as they can pull out some of the red tones in your skin and the camera may cause either the red of your shirt or the reds in your skin tones/lips to look ‘off’.

Color that complement

On the flip side, wearing colors that accentuate your eye color is almost always a good idea, like a baby blue shirt with blue eyes! These combos can help your eye color really pop.

4. Mix up your outfit styles

Mixing up your outfit styles is key to getting the most out of your senior session. Rather than wearing three different t-shirt and jean combos, think about all the different styles you wear throughout your week. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Outfit Ideas

  • T-Shirt & Jeans
  • Full Suit
  • Dress Shirt & Dress Pants
  • Polo & Khaki Pants
  • Sports Uniform
  • Jersey & Jeans
  • Long Sleeve Shirt & Khakis or Jeans
  • Flannel & Jeans (for fall!)
  • & more….

Hopefully this list gives you a good start to brainstorming the perfect outfits for you! There is no one size fits all approach to picking outfits, it’s about picking what fits your personality and style.

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