Moms: Here are 3 Ways to Make Sure You AND Your Senior Love Their Senior Portraits


September 3, 2023

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Photographer, wife, mom, horse lover and farm girl. My number one priority when photographing you is helping you look your best and feel comfortable in front of the camera. 
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A letter to the moms:

You found a photographer, picked a session date, and now it’s time for YOUR SENIOR to have their senior portraits taken. You are likely excited for the session and want the pictures to turn out amazing. Here are 3 ways to make sure you get the most out of your session without killing the vibe.

1. Positive Vibes ONLY

It’s like that old saying ‘If you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything at all’. Throwing in little tidbits like a necklace you notice is out of place is always welcome. But if a pose, location, or look isn’t working, chances are your photographer sees it too and will quickly work through this set to keep everything upbeat. We never want to do anything to cause a dip in confidence because confidence is the secret sauce that makes senior pictures look so great!

2. Come ready to ask the photographer to photograph you together

I try to remember this at every session. But it is so special to get that photo together, to remember that you were there and the events of the session together.

Feel free to come prepared with a coordinated outfit and your makeup done, but don’t feel obligated. It’s as much about capturing the memory of you being there as it is a professional photograph.

3. Be on hair & clothing alert, you are my second set of eyes

As a photographer, I am looking at so many things, location, light, pose, outfit, etc. So I will never turn down a second set of eyes! But back to point one, we like to use words like adjust rather than fix to keep the energy upbeat.

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Bonus Tip: Enjoy the evening, embrace the emotions, and celebrate your senior. Don’t hesitate to brag them up in the session and tell your photographer all about their awesome accomplishments!

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