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September 8, 2021

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I just need to get this off my chest. I have known Kayla for YEARS, but it didn’t matter this past Saturday. I wanted to call Kayla Kate every single time I was saying ‘Will & Kayla’ because ya know, ‘Will & Kate’ the royals. Does anyone else feel this? Ok – now that I got that off my chest, on to the wedding things!!

There really are so many good things I could say about Will & Kayla’s horse arena wedding. How the weather was perfect. How they were so full of love and joy and zero drama. How awesome Christy and Greg are and how amazing Sandy Oaks Area is!! How much you can tell their families love them. The rainbow we got right before sunset. There just was so much good.

But instead of going on and on, I’ll just let you go ahead and scroll through the gallery below and see for yourself. After all, photos say a thousand words or something like that, right?

Kayla got married in this cute little suite at Sandy Oaks Arena which was located right behind the arena area. The white shiplap and little décor details made for the perfect location for photos.

This lovely blue background is one of the bridesmaid dresses. I love using bridesmaid dresses for detail photos as a way to pull in the wedding colors to the beginning of the day!

You know that I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take a dress photo with the barn stalls!! Like seriously (as a horse girl), this dress shot was such a dream.

When the awesome hairstylist is also the groom’s sister. Got to make sure the groom’s hair is looking great too.

I love these sweet moments of Kayla’s mom helping her get ready for the day.

We had two of these this year! So much fun to fake the room out with a ‘groomsman’ first look.

And don’t worry, we got the real deal too!

The way these two look at each other is just precious.

Kayla also got a special first look with her dad.

These bridal portraits had me swooning.

Walking bridal party photos will probably always be some of my favorite. They just feel so candid and real and relaxed.

One of Kayla’s bridesmaids was oversees, so we had a fun stand-in for the day!!

Precious moments with grandma. I love capturing individuals of the bride/groom with special family members on the big day.

This ceremony site was one of my favorites from the year. It was literally perfect.

Sandy Oaks Arena has some absolutely stunning landscaping that made for the prefect space.

I love outdoor ceremonies because there is room for me to move around and capture some unconventional photos of special people in the crowd.

And moments like this! The bride often gets so much of the attention, photographic and otherwise on a wedding day, so I love to highlight the groom when possible.

That perfect, first kiss moment!

The moral of this photo is, do not be afraid to wear all your emotion and excitement on your sleeve on your wedding day. It pays off in awesome photos!

They renovated Sandy Oaks Arena into a wedding venue for the weekend! I was thoroughly impressed!!

Sunset photos were seriously dreamy. I love a good sunset and gravel road photo on a wedding day!

It was so fun to incorporate the arena railing into Will and Kayla’s wedding portraits.

And this moment! How magical. Did I photoshop out tons of cars from the background? Yes. Was it totally work it? Definitely yes!

The Awesome Wedding Vendors!!

Florist: Mary Jo Pieper – Family Friend
Wedding Cake: Sams Club
DJ: Jimmie Anderson
Makeup Artist: Lindsay Friese – Fargo Blonde
Wedding Dress: Your Day by Nicole
Bridesmaid Dresses: David’s Bridal
Men’s Attire: Richter’s Menswear, Perham
Officiant: Justin Demmer
Venue: Sandy Oaks Horse Arena

I am taking a very limited number of weddings each year. Be sure to get in touch to see if your date is available.

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