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April 19, 2022

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Minnesota Family Pictures with 2 kids

Fall, Minnesota Family Pictures with the Pilons

Sarah and Shane came out to the farm for some fall, family portraits. I have been lucky enough to photograph their family since long before they had kiddos. The best photography relationships are the ones of the long haul. When we get to know each other, it helps me capture authentic moments and family dynamics.

Minnesota Fall Family Pictures

Getting Maximum Variety

We used a couple of different locations around the farm. Our goal was to capture a set of images in each location to give maximum variety in the time we had together. Kids will be kids and Tyler was not in a photo mood at all. You will notice throughout the gallery that we were getting creative with poses and activities to keep him engaged.

Minnesota, Mommy and Daughter Family Portraits

Mommy, Daughter Portraits

While Tyler took a little break we captured some precious mommy, daughter moments. This is the beauty of family portraits. One kiddo can have a break while we focus on another subset of the family.

Mommy Daughter Family Portraits
Mommy Daughter Family Portraits
Minnesota Family Pictures

Mixing Up Posing and Engagement

To get Tyler interested in our session again, we mixed it up and made it exciting with a little shoulder ride from dad!

Minnesota Father-Son Family Portraits
Minnesota Family Pictures with 2 kids

From there we were able to transition into a traditional ‘Christmas card’ family portrait. That is what I call the all smiling at the camera family portraits.

Minnesota Family Portraits
Minnesota Family Portraits-Couples Portrait

Couples Portraits

If possible, I like to take a break during every family session to get a few of just mom and dad. Usually, the kids are happy to take a break and who doesn’t need a portrait with their significant other.

Minnesota Anniversary Photos
Minnesota Anniversary Portraits
Minnesota Anniversary Photographer
Minnesota Couples Photographer
Minnesota Couples Portraits
Minnesota Family Photographer

We took all of those couples’ portraits in just a few minutes, while Tyler played and Brooke chilled on this blanket in the grass.

Mother-Son Potraits

We tried a ‘tackle mom’ approach to re-engage Tyler in the session.

Mother-Child Portraits

From there we added Brooke and were able to capture some snuggly moments with mom.

Minnesota Family Portraits

Change of Scenery

Changing the scenery is about more than getting variety in your session. The walk-around also helps give the kiddos a break from smiling at the camera and helps get them excited about pictures again.

Father-kid family portraits
Minnesota Family Photographer

Action Family Photos

It’s always fun to get some photos of your family moving and laughing together. Walking to and from locations is an excellent and practical way to get these images.

Minnesota Family Photographer

Variety – Variety – Variety

We continued to mix up the pictures, getting all the different possible kid and parent groupings.

Minnesota Family Portrait

I hope you are feeling inspired and encouraged after scrolling through these Minnesota family pictures. If you are interested in booking your own family session, please feel free to reach out. Oh and be sure to check out what Sarah is up to over at Building the Pilons!

Minnesota Family Photographer

Learn more about the Family Portrait Process.

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