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March 1, 2022

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Belle Amé Luxury Skin Studio Brand Photography Session

Before we dig into her brand photography session, let me introduce you to the business. Maggie runs Belle Amé Skin Studio in West Fargo, ND. Her skin studio specializes in luxury treatments such as custom facials, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and more. In addition to offering custom skin services, Maggie also sells medical-grade skincare products.

Belle Amé Luxury Skin Studio Brand Photography Session

This was Maggie’s first photo session for her business and it was not accompanying any sort of launch or website redesign so our goal was to create a wide variety of images for her to use throughout her social and web presence. Her session took place in the Amber Langerud Photography studio and we put a strong emphasis on the Belle Amé brand colors and feminine essence. We also hopped on over to the Belle Amé studio to get a few images of Maggie’s space.

Let’s hear a little from Maggie on what she thought of the brand photography planning and shooting experience!

What was your favorite part about planning the branding session?

My favorite part of the planning process was the phone conversation I had with Amber! It really made me think deeper into my brand and what my company was all about. It made me love my career even more! I loved putting together the Pinterest board – that was really fun. It expanded my creativity in how I could show people what I do and why.

Business Owner sitting at white desk working on her business | Amber Langerud Photography

What is your favorite part of your new brand photos?

I love how I can use the photos in so many different situations! Whether it’s a headshot I need or a product shot, it’s all there! I love having that variety!

Business owner headshot sitting on pink chair | Amber Langerud Photography

How have these brand photos impacted your business?

I think having professional photos shows my clients that I take my brand seriously. These professional photos have increased the quality of my website and social media pages. It has really helped show my clients and followers who I am as a person, but also what my brand is all about. As a skincare studio, I think it’s important for my clients to feel confident and comfortable with who is treating their skin.

Business owner working on behind the scenes planning brand photography session | Amber Langerud Photography

Did we successfully accomplish your brand photography visual/photo goals? What was your favorite part about working together?

Yes! My favorite part was the photo session. I have never done a professional photoshoot before and Amber made it so fun. I was so nervous before going, but it was such a relaxing environment and Amber was so friendly and kind. My nerves quickly calmed down and I was able to have the best time!

Skin Studio owner putting on eye patches at her branding session | Amber Langerud Photography

Overall what do you have to say about the branding photography experience?

If you are contemplating having a branding photoshoot for your business, I highly recommend that you do! I loved working with Amber from start to finish. She really made me think outside the box and expand my love for my company! This being my first professional photoshoot, Amber made me feel relaxed and comfortable the entire session! It was actually really fun! The photos turned out beautifully and I use them for marketing all the time!

Belle Amé Luxury Skin Studio Brand Photography Session

I loved getting to learn more about Maggie’s brand and the business of luxury skin treatments. She offers a wonderful service to the FM area and was even recently voted best in the Red River Valley! If you are looking for an esthetician, look no further.




Here are a few more favorites from our time together:

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